Best Ways to Make a Girl Blush!

If you really like a girl and desperately want her to be a part your life, then the best thing you can do to attract her is to make her blush with your actions and conversations. Some guys find it pretty difficult to make someone blush and they are always clueless about what to say to a girl to make her blush. But if you can believe how to make someone blush is not that difficult, you can adopt some nice practices to make a girl blush. One such practice is making use of cheesy pick up lines that works on your girl but you have to be little careful in that, as turning any girl’s face red with a nice feeling and not with rage require a lot of patience and useful tricks.

It’s a bit tough, but if you take care of every little thing, you will be able to attract any girl and make her blush instantly without facing any annoying or unwanted situation.

You need to learn those factors which are required while approaching any girl like things to say to a girl to make her blush, especially make sure to avoid those things which girls generally don’t like for example being creepy, cruelty while teasing her, inappropriate touch etc.

How to Make a Girl Blush

Below mentioned are some useful tricks on how to make girls blush, which you can simply adopt while talking with any girl or if you want to attract or impress her. Even you can make her blush easily after using those compliments to make a girl blush which is mentioned below.

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Make Her Smile with You

Your smile is something which can turn the tables for you, if you possess a nice smile then it is no doubt a plus point for you. If you’re smiling and walking towards her for the very first time of the day then it is a clear indication that you’re interested in her and you can make her blush instantly with that. The way you smile when she is passing by make her smile also and might possibly make her blush as well, but above all when you’re talking with her with a big smile on your face will always work in your favor and simply giving her that looks which simply indicates like you have sunk in her eyes makes her blush too.

With Your Eye Contact

Probably another powerful tool to make a girl blush is with your eye contact when you look at her with a smile on your face and she’s also looking at you then stretch your gaze for few more seconds apart from how you look at her normally. A slight eye contact may turn her cheeks pink and make her blush, but when somebody interrupts and catches your attention than breaking the eye contact is the better choice as continuously starring at the girl look like your girl stalker.

Some Unexpected Compliments

The simplest way to make any girl blush is with an unexpected and nice compliment, pretend to be sincere while complimenting a girl as a good compliment is what she is expecting from you at that moment. Make sure the compliment is about her, rather than her things as she might dislike when you ignore her beauty and compliment only about the accessories which makes her more beautiful. Don’t try to exaggerate things one or two compliments per conversation are fine enough, if you continue to compliment her again and again then it might make her uncomfortable.

Tease Her Lightly

Light teasing is something which is liked by every single girl or women; you can simply tease her while chatting with her and also the time when you meet her personally. When there is no flirting or teasing in any conversation it simply makes the conversation a boring one, use of proper words and phrases while teasing her not only makes her blush but even make her passionate to know more about you.

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Crack a Joke which You Both Know Only

While you’re out with a group of people from which you both are connected, try to make a joke on something only you two know about, like any funny incident from your past. That is something which certainly makes her blush as she feels special because you pointed her only out of all the people and also she will be happy to know this that you have not forgotten that funny incident yet.

Flirt with Her

How to flirt with a girl and make her blush is something difficult to explain, as flirting is a little complex process and you have to be very careful while flirting with a girl. Usually, you can impress a girl and make her blush with some good-natured flirting but the chances are very less, you can simply use a bizarre compliment and hope that it probably works in your favor.

Show Her Importance

While taking your relationship one step ahead, if you already have a good bond with that girl you’re trying to make blush then don’t forget to show that she means a lot to you and always show in front of her and others that she is an important part of your life. Without her you are incomplete, and only her presence in your life makes you happy and completes you as well.

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How to Make a Girl Blush Over Text

Almost all girls like to receive sweet and cheesy messages from their boyfriend or that person she really likes the most, so you simply make any girl blush by sending some cute text messages whether in the morning or any time of the day. For your help, we have searched some nice messages or cheesy lines on how to make a girl blush while texting which you can use while sending a text message to your girlfriend and make her blush easily.

  • I am total, desperately, and intensely in love with you.
  • You always remain in my mind day or night; I think only your presence in my life completes me.
  • You always make me laugh even in the toughest moments of my life. I always feel refreshed whenever we meet.
  • Whenever we meet, you always spread the positive vibes around. Lucky to have you and I’ve never ever imagined my life without you.
  • Everyone asks me why I am so concerned about you and I always told them I just can’t find a reason not to.


While approaching any girl don’t try too hard and don’t try to woo every girl, as generally, girls don’t like to get indulged in a serious relationship with those guys constantly trying to impress every girl who is passing by. Don’t include yourself in the list of those guys, on whom girls don’t have any trust, so these are some factors which simply destroy your image in front of every girl and may affect your relationship with your girlfriend as well. We at micsur hope you liked our tips on how to make your girlfriend blush which we have searched and mentioned in this article especially for the help of those guys, find it challenging how to make a girl blush.