World’s First Flying Car PAL V is Now Available for Sale Buy Now!

The non-moving hourly traffic on roads, let us wonder on the having a flying car that can let you go anywhere in comparatively no time. There is no doubt that flying seems safer than driving that makes you wonder on Is there a flying car? But, now it seems like the day is not so far as Dutch company Ipal has started taking the pre-orders for production of its Flying car pal-v liberty edition and making it the 1st flying car of the world that you can actually buy in 2019.

Since car come to existence we always wondered to have a flying car that can be a combo of the car and airplane. But now we can say that our entire wait is over, The World’s first flying car by Ipal is all set to rock the world. However to have this car one has access to the airstrip and need a pilot license.

Initially, the company is planning to launch Pal v liberty flying car in limited edition i.e. all over the world only 90 vehicles will be sold and then, it will start delivering Pal v liberty sports models worldwide. So if you excited to know about the price, spec and model then, we are here giving you all the details.

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Pal v Flying Car Price and Models

Pal v liberty 2018 has launched its pioneer models recently in Geneva international motor show which was held in Switzerland. The Pal v liberty price for pioneer models is about $ 621500 which is approximately half a million euro. Those who are planning to get this need to hurry as limited vehicles are available worldwide. While the second model i.e. the standard one is around $399000 is a base variant. Pal-v flying car price in India for the top variant is Rs 3.9 crore and for base variant, Pal-v cost about 2.68 crores.

Though the Pal v liberty flying car prices can change with demands the pre-booking has started at an initial booking amount of $10000.

Pal v Specs

Pal v liberty flying car has a dual control option with a dual engine. The 2 seater flying car has on road speed of 160 kmph on road and 180 kmph while flying. But that does not mean you can fly anytime you get stuck in traffic. To have the flight, the car needs the desired runway of about 180 meters and the maximum operating altitude for the flight is 3500 meters with 31mph speed for the level fight. It has a flying range approximately 550 km and an endurance time of about 4.3 hours.

Unlike other flying aircraft, it is not basically a jet fuel powered car. However, it has 3 wheel designs like autogyro which allow it to run or road and air simultaneously. Pal v flying car is designed to accumulate 2 peoples and there max weight 910, baggage capacity of 20 kg, fuel tank storing capacity around 100 kg and Total empty mass of the car is 664 kg.

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Why Choose Pal v Flying Car

Pal v flying car is basically a gyroplane model, unlike helicopters that make your flight safe and easier. The various feature of it that makes it worth to buy are:

  • Flexibility: Flight range of pal v is not limited or the total range of the car. It is the fuel range you can go for the next flight after filling the fuel at a gas station near the airstrip.
  • Performance: the design is more targeted on performance rather than a luxury.
  • Not a helicopter: so it is less noisy and hazardous as well as it cannot be takeoff vertically.
  • Switching mode: it allows to switch mode between drive mode to flight mode but we suggest you go through pre-flight checklist.

Inclusive Services

When you buy Pal v liberty flying car then, it offers you the below-mentioned services with the flying car to guide you and train you to use the car. These are:

  • Personalization course at delivery.
  • Pal v flying car introduction session.
  • Assistance and training.
  • Get an invitation to join Ipal sports club.

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We have always wanted to fly and with Pal v flying car the dream has come to reality. So get ready guys, let’s fasten your seatbelt as now the car will not only be moving on the roads. But the reality is far different from the dream, there are much more factors that are needed to be dealing, as the flying car revolution is emerging. With Pal v flying car introduction there is need of some rules and regulation to construct the car and to manage the sky traffic, as we know that for aircraft are flown in predetermine path. They have not flown anywhere they like, so this may increase the sky traffic lot.

But for now with the Pal v liberty flying car keys with you can defiantly fly anywhere in a short span and after landing you can drive it to reach the destinations. Read our blog micsur for more articles like this.